Martindale Flxfx6046, Dia-Mond D Plastone Flexible File 1/2"

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Martindale, FLXFX6046, Dia-mond D Plastone Flexible File 1/2" 4-3/4".080" 240-Extra Fine This unique product offers all of the traditional features of ordinary files - plus the flexibility you often need

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Because they are non-conductive, these special files are popular for dressing automotive, electrical and electronic contacts

Many other uses can be found for these inexpensive files, wherever fine finishing of metals is required

Plastone flexible files are made of hard abrasive materials pressed into a flexible core

They are impervious to oil and water accumulations of grease can be washed from them with cleaning solvents or soap and water.

This enables you to bend or twist these tools any way you like to reach curved surfaces and otherwise hard-to-reach areas