Black Box 20-M, St-St, 62.5-Micron, Multimode, Plenum, Orange Fiber Optic Cable - 65.62 Ft Fiber Optic Network Cable For Network Device - First End: 1 X St Male Network - Second End: 1 X St Male Network - 128 Mb/s - 62.5/125 µm - Orange

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Get high performance at data rates up to 1 Gbps at 850 nm

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FO constant Jacket CMR PVC or CMP Plenum Core 62- 62.5 Micron , 50- 50 Micron , 10- 10-GbE 50 Micron , or SM- Single-Mode Length 001M- 1 Meter 002M- 2 Meters 003M- 3 Meters 004M- 4 Meters 005M- 5 Meters 006M- 6 Meters 007M- 7 Meters 008M

Examples of fiber optic cable codes FOCMR62-001M-STST-BL Cable with a PVC jacket, 62.5-micron core, 1-meter length, ST-ST connectors in blue

FOCMP50-008M-STLC-OR Cable with a plenum jacket, 50-micron core, 8-meter length, ST-LC connectors in orange

FOCMRSM-030M-SCLC-YL Cable with a PVC jacket, 9-micron core, 30-meter length, SC-LC connectors in yellow

Full compatibility with a broad range of laser-based and legacy protocols and applications

Higher data aggregation in the backbone, riser, and high-speed parallel interconnects HSPIs

How to order these cables Once you 39 39 ve decided what type of cable you want, download the product data sheet to see how to build your cable part number

Industry-leading CPC reg coatings for superior microbend and environmental performance

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